Mary B. Grootegoed

R.N. Esthetician
Mary B. Grootegoed is an R.N./Esthetician master skin tightening, skin resurfacing, and injector specialist with over 25 years of experience in dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and woman’s wellness. She has trained under her mentor and dermatologist, Dr. Donald Greco, for over two decades, allowing her to understand the complexities of the skin, face, and body. Her other passion is children – she has three boys and one daughter, who ensures there is never a dull moment in her joyous and adventurous life with her handsome husband, Kevin. Mary lives life to the fullest and wants each and every patient of hers to have the equivalent of a healthy, beautiful, holistic lifestyle as she helps them “Keep Their Beauty”.

Paul Greco M.D.

Medical Director
Dr. Paul Greco is the Medical Director of Huntington Harbour Laser. He received his Medical Degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. After medical school, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine. Dr. Greco has been practicing medicine for over a decade and has worked in the medical field with Mary for over 20 years.

Bridgette M.

Guerra R.N.
Bridgette is a graduate of the prestigious GCU Nursing program and is Mary’s niece. From a young age, Bridgette was fascinated with skincare, and she has trained under Mary for over a decade. She has become an integral part of the HHL team, mastering skin tightening for the face and body. Bridgette’s favorite next to the skin is the beach. She comes from a family of four and loves to be social. Bridgette has a passion for skin care which she shares with her friends and community as she believes in healthy nutrition and exercise only increases a person’s potential for success.