Aviclear Acne Facial

Individuals struggling with acne have historically had a long and uncomfortable journey when seeking clearer skin. Fortunately, continued advancement in cosmetic technology has led to advanced acne treatments. Among them, Aviclear Acne Facials stand out, being the first and only FDA-approved laser treatment for acne of all types and ages.

How Aviclear Works

Aviclear Acne Facial utilizes a state-of-the-art laser that targets and limits sebaceous glands responsible for acne production. With wavelengths pulsing precise energy measured at 172nm wavelength, sebum production is limited, leaving skin smoother and preventing future flare-ups. By limiting the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands, Aviclear Acne Facials stuns acne flare-ups, and continued use ensures clear skin that lasts.

Aviclear Candidates

Unlike past acne treatments that were reserved for severe cases, Aviclear’s laser system can successfully treat milder cases of acne in patients of any age. Additionally, past laser systems have been risky operations for individuals with darker skin tones, but Aviclear’s system is specifically designed with safety and protection in mind so that patients with darker skin tones are not at risk of hyperpigmentation.

Aviclear Recovery and Results

Aviclear treatments harbor little to none of the harmful side effects found in traditional acne programs. By minimizing its use of chemical agents as the focal point of treatment, the Aviclear lasers are much gentler on the skin and body. Patients will experience some mild inflammation and redness. In addition to providing a much smoother overall recovery, the gentle system incorporated in Aviclear makes its system safe for all ages and skin types.

Results for Aviclear

Most acne treatments require continued prolonged use for continued results, but Aviclear’s revolutionary technology can provide permanently clearer skin in just three 30-minute sessions. Spaced over three months, Aviclear Acne Facials provide an 80% reduction rate in acne of all types by the end of a patient’s third session. Previous acne treatments were only suitable for cases of cystic acne, but Aviclear is suitable for milder cases of acne, offering just as transformative results.

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